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@Red Científica Escolar as a service company, is made up of various professionals associated with education and scientific research. The services we offer have been developed based on the experience accumulated over more than ten years at the service of educational communities, on the experience transmitted by renowned researchers in the teaching of experimental sciences, and on current legal regulations.

Risk control

Dedicated to the identification, containment and elimination of risks in the Laboratory , this service aims to help increase safety in school practices, and reduce the workload of teachers and assistants, through the maintenance and organization of the laboratory and the warehouse of Science.

Control de riesgos

Accompaniment Module

Dedicated to online and blended education, this service aims to help improve the academic performance of children and young people who require support to successfully overcome the troubled online or hybrid school system, or to achieve their highest personal academic goals.

In each section, registered users will be able to access all the information they may need, such as diagnoses, budgets, schedules, programs, evaluations, digital documents, photographic records, resources, references, and others, which guarantees permanent participation and monitoring of the process by all participants, according to their role and objectives. In this way, we hope to contribute to the achievement of the academic and personal objectives of the students, as well as the pedagogical and administrative objectives of teachers and educational institutions.


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Ricardo Pizarro Perez

Services Representative RCE 2022

WhatsApp +56964804402

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